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 ‘psychic’, ‘clairvoyant’ and ‘medium’

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‘psychic’, ‘clairvoyant’ and ‘medium’ Empty
PostSubject: ‘psychic’, ‘clairvoyant’ and ‘medium’   ‘psychic’, ‘clairvoyant’ and ‘medium’ Icon_minitimeSat Oct 09, 2010 11:12 am

Before approaching a clairvoyant medium it would be a good idea to understand what a clairvoyant medium is, or, still better, what clairvoyant/ce and medium/ship stand for. The terms ‘psychic’, ‘clairvoyant’ and ‘medium’ have interrelated, interdependent and overlapping interpretations. There may be some confusion about their implications in the minds of those who are new to the subject of psychics, or, are approaching the clairvoyant mediums for their advice and assistance for the first time.

The word psychic is related to

mental forces
intuition and
extra sensory perception

Medium’ means acting as a channel for contacting and communicating with the spirits which may include the spirits of the dead and also other divine spirits, guiding spirits, angels, archangels and even cosmic powers. Clairvoyance means seeing things clearly beyond the normal senses. A clairvoyant sees the energy, images and visions not only within himself with his mind’s eye but also outside his body—beyond the veils of matter, space, and time.

A clairvoyant medium is generally blessed with a strong intuition that can clearly envision the sequence of events that may have brought the seeker to his present predicament. He can also advise as to how the events can be manipulated to his positive advantage.

‘Seeing’ may also mean ‘understanding’ like in ‘Oh, I see!’ In this context the ability of the clairvoyant medium may also include clairsentience, which means that the clairvoyant medium clearly senses the things and the situations. He experiences a kind of gut feeling about what is going to happen or how a situation can be best tackled to provide good results.

Clairsentience is a sort of inner knowing. The understanding or the feeling comes so energetically and speedily that only the experienced clairvoyant medium can cope with the incoming flow of information. This forceful inflow logically releases itself in a stream of accurate facts and figures, which baffle the listener.

In such situations, the clairvoyant medium clearly understands that it is the powerful spirit and not he who is trotting out the facts so fast. It is in fact the spirit, which is providing him with facts, names of the persons and events, dates and other related information. The job of the clairvoyant medium then boils down to just working in tandem with this spiritual energy.

A clairvoyant medium is a psychic who goes into trance, a sleep like state in which he allows his body and senses to be possessed by the spirit which may be his own guiding spirit or that of the seeker. The spirit has an overview of all the happenings on the earth. A clairvoyant medium can speak while lying down. He can also sit down or even walk and make gestures by moving his hands. He can even write or type his messages.

What actually transpires during the trance is that the clairvoyant medium sees visions, hears voices, feels the energy and interprets his experiences in intelligible human language. The narration of the sequence of events is convincing as it divulges the secrets and facts, which are known only to the seeker. This revelation of personal facts builds trusts between the seeker and the clairvoyant medium.

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‘psychic’, ‘clairvoyant’ and ‘medium’ Empty
PostSubject: Re: ‘psychic’, ‘clairvoyant’ and ‘medium’   ‘psychic’, ‘clairvoyant’ and ‘medium’ Icon_minitimeTue Jan 18, 2011 4:48 am

You know what ????? I am still confused as to what I am ‘psychic’, ‘clairvoyant’ and ‘medium’ 141443

When i do readings i get like images and words pop into my head, I hear the word from within .not as a whisper to my ear

So i have been calling myself clairvyant but now i'm not sure as reading the above am i a clairvoyant medium ?

Anyone help me un confuse my brain please ‘psychic’, ‘clairvoyant’ and ‘medium’ 112314

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‘psychic’, ‘clairvoyant’ and ‘medium’
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