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 Three Levels of Karma

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PostSubject: Three Levels of Karma   Three Levels of Karma Icon_minitimeSat Mar 20, 2010 11:06 am

The three levels of Karma are:

1) Sanchita or Accumulated Karma is the Karma which you have previously substantiated. Sanchita Karma, not only defines actions which you have taken in this life, but also actions which you performed in previous incarnations.

The understanding of Sanchita Karma is also used to define why seemingly good people, in their present incarnation, encounter negative events in their life. It is understood that though they may now be very good, in a previous existence, they must have created adverse Karma. Therefore, they suffer in this lifetime.

2) Prarabdha Karma Actions which create Karma: good or bad is the Karma which has come into existence due to past actions. This type of Karma is the individual who performs negative acts, for what ever physical, emotional, or psychological rational, and then later in their life they encounter unfavorable situations. These events may take place in the next life, the distant future or may happen almost instantaneously. This understanding provides some solace to people who have been wronged by others - as they know, sooner or later, that unjust individual will have to pay the price for their actions.

Prarabdha Karma not only details the events which occur as a result of adverse Karma but it is also equally applicable to positive Karma, as well. This can explain why the rare case of a truly negative person, in this life, continually encounters seemingly positive experiences - they were a very good person in a past life.

3) Kriyamana Karma Current actions the actions you take which lay the foundation for either positive or negative Karma in the future. It must be ultimately understood that we each are the masters of our own destiny. At any point in life, be it before you instigated any adverse Karma or post having unleashed a plethora of negativity, you can take back your life and choose to consciously move forward - doing good things for the world, creating good Karma, even while you suffer the inevitable repercussions for actions you have taken in the past.

most of us have all performed acts which we now can see as "Bad Karma." Knowing this, you have two options in your life. One, you can hold on to those experiences and allow them to set a pattern for the rest of your life. Two, you can consciously let go of the past and move forward into a world where you will never allow negative people or situations to guide you again.

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Three Levels of Karma
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