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 Moons/Planets and your Horoscope

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PostSubject: Moons/Planets and your Horoscope   Moons/Planets and your Horoscope Icon_minitimeMon Mar 01, 2010 2:16 pm


A well-placed Sun in the horoscope usually shows a good direction in life from an early age, with well-defined goals and success in achieving them. If the Sun is poorly placed there may be more emphasis on the Moon, which will lead to your safety and security needs.


The Moon in your birth chart shows your more spontaneous reactions, what you instinctively seek for a feeling of safety or flee from to avoid a sense of insecurity, in contrast with the Sun, which shows your goal or purpose in life.


Mercury signifies the nervous system within our bodies. Mercury also signifies the intestines. When Mercury is functioning well in the horoscope it can indicate that we live from self-knowledge. We can live socially acceptable lives, not out of a superficial concern for morally upright behaviour, but rather from a deeper place within us that is well aware of instincts that rebel against the acceptable. When we accept the darker side of our own natures, we live in the world and act with love, not from mere morality. A difficult relationship between Mercury and other planets in the horoscope may show an inclination to use knowledge to trick other people in order to gain something we perceive to be advantageous


A horoscope dominated by Venus can show someone with great skill in relationship, a love of harmony and beauty, and a gracious affectionate nature. But the same person may show great difficulty when it comes to developing a successful professional life.


Mars symbolises the impulse to act aggressively and with determination but left to itself can wreak havoc. Mars does not consider the needs of other people on the way. Mars gets things done. He is not concerned to compare his path with those of others, nor necessarily even to dominate others, but just to get to his chosen destination


The desire to reach out beyond the limits we experience in ordinary life. It signifies religion, spirituality, philosophy, all the means by which we attempt to see our lives within a bigger framework to make sense of them. Jupiter is associated with law and ethics as that which follows from a sense of the natural order of things. A strong sense of responsibility and justice flow from a belief in higher truth.


There is a consensus among human beings about what constitutes acceptable behaviour. Other people's opinions, and needs have to be taken into account. These are the limitations represented by Saturn, which impinge upon us as we reach out, as we must, to overcome inappropriately internalised personal limitations. Attempting to break through ever more and more boundaries can be very frustrating when we don't succeed, and recognising when lack of success is due to a real and appropriate limitation and accepting it is a key to greater happiness.


Make us aware of the need for change, to break through limitation into something beyond. We may choose to go along with such changes, or they may be forced upon us. Either way, corresponding with the sky god's dislike of our instinctive pleasures, we may find ourselves torn away from that which gives us comfort and security while we reorient our lives.


In the world we are bound by ties that restrict our movement. These ties may be those of home, career, financial status, parenthood and childhood. Many of these restrictions are simply what follows from living a human life - we have to observe them if there is to be any order in the world. Other restrictions we impose on ourselves without a thought as to whether or not they are necessary. These may be totally unconscious, and arise out of assumptions we have taken on board during our lives.

PLUTO (does this count now that its NOT a planet?) Moons/Planets and your Horoscope 112314

Most of us know people (probably ourselves at some times in our lives) who appear to live life at a superficial level, unwilling to dig to deeper levels as the immediate experiences of their lives offer sufficient comforts. We may be in a career which is apparently satisfying, but know deep down that our deeper resources are untapped, or in a relationship that fulfils our need for companionship and sexual satisfaction but from which passion and deep love are missing. We just know that some major reorientation of life is required. The experience can be devastating, but if it can be entered into, often with some support from friends or counsellors, a new way of living will emerge that is more satisfying (even if more challenging) than before.

Pluto is not necessarily sudden in its action. It is within the nature of things that they grow, die, decay and change into something else. Likewise the human psyche undergoes crises involving breakdown and renewal. Some people appear to act as agents for Plutonian transformation. It is part of its nature that the psyche is drawn to situations that it needs in order to move on to the next stage of growth. Many of us will, at some stage in our lives, feel drawn to someone who we do not perceive as physically attractive, but is sexually magnetic. Some power seems to draw us to that person, even if we can only look from afar. That is the power of Pluto

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Moons/Planets and your Horoscope
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