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 What Is Ascension?

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PostSubject: What Is Ascension?   What Is Ascension? Icon_minitimeFri Sep 04, 2009 9:20 am

by Linda Johnson
27 May 2002

Ascension simply means 'going up'. Ascending rather than descending.

What is going up? Earth's vibration or frequency. Think of Earth as part of a big cycle that has moved down to its' lowest point and then starts to go back up again. As the vibration has gone down, things have got denser and denser, slower and slower. The bandwidth of frequency, or dimension Earth sits in is determined by how dense and slow she is. Earth has hit the bottom in the third dimension and cannot exist any lower. The only way is up. However, try not to think of 'up' as being another place but rather a higher vibration (or octave) co-existing in the same place that we are now... just made of finer stuff.

Planet Earth is not just a lump of rock floating in space. Planet Earth is the body for the consciousness known by many as The Earth Mother. It's not that names are particularly important, but it is important that one understands that 'Earth' is a living, breathing, thinking, loving being. Just because her body is bigger than yours and made of different materials doesn't mean she doesn't feel the pain and dis-ease of the humans that pollute her, dig up her minerals, scar her body, block her energy lines and fight over her like fleas fighting over the dog.

The same goes for the animal kingdoms, plants and minerals. They are all living beings, yet used and abused without a thought by humans. How did we get to be so disconnected?

Humans have a separate 'hologram' of existence to Earth and all the other kingdoms. It's like humans are living in a separate invisible bubble. Earth and the other kingdoms understand each other and communicate because they are in a different bubble of their own. Humans, (particularly those in the 'western/white' part of the human bubble) in their separation and inability to communicate believe that they are here to have dominion over the other kingdoms, and even the other humans, since they think they are more advanced. They just filled the void of their lack of communication with gadgets and think that is the way to evolve.

Alas, it is the humans who are 'out of sync' with everything else. Over thousands and thousands of years they have repeated the same patterns of destruction, war, dominion and slavery on each other as well as over the other kingdoms. They have built up civilizations that self-destructed again and again and again. Each time they have failed to learn anything and blindly continue the same patterns. Past civilizations have ended in nuclear war making great deserts where the nature kingdoms and elements will not live. This is why nothing grows there. Each nuclear war has led to a loss of vibration for Earth and all her kingdoms, as well as losses of genetic material leading to disease and shortened lifespans. The loss of whole civilizations means that the humans even forget there were previous civilizations at all, and as the survivors have to start again from nothing the memories disappear into myth over the generations.

Contrary to what science would have you believe, we are not the pinnacle of evolution. We are a sad remnant of a separate seeded race that has sunk so low that even soul does not inhabit some humans. We have made Earth and all other kingdoms sink so low that one more nuclear war will push soul completely out of Earth and she will go extinct. Already most of our food and farm animals are soulless - just living machines. SOUL EVOLVES - MACHINES DO NOT. Living machines will become sick and die and humans will have no food regardless of how many chemicals, hormones and fertilizers you throw at it.

Earth does not want to die. Earth has said "ENOUGH". I choose to live. I choose to start moving back to where I've come from. I choose to ascend.

All the other species on Earth have said "Yes, we will ascend with you."

Humanity sits in front of the television or pulls out its' guns and starts shooting each other.

Sad, isn't it?


For a while now Earth has been ascending while most of humanity is still watching TV or killing each other. As Earth ascends and starts vibrating at a higher rate she starts to heat up here and there. Humans watch it all on TV and think that somebody should do something about it.... before they change channels to watch the war.

Earth continues to try and expand at an even rate but there are huge blockages in her energy flow where large numbers of humans sit at a very low vibration in cities. How to wake them up? Several methods were tested but as humans were not aware, they lost the vibration as quickly as it was given. Enter the elements. The elements - air, water, fire and earth - agreed to administer the information and vibrations needed to humanity. After all, humans had to breathe, drink, feel the sun and walk on the land. They could not avoid contact with the elements every day.

So the elements started waking up humanity. Slowly but surely large numbers of people woke up a little bit. This took a huge amount of stress off the cities meaning many of the 'natural disasters' that had been predicted did not need to happen at this time. People started getting a little bit interested in spirituality, ecology, world peace, alleviating poverty, organic farming, leaving the rat race, questioning the current world leaders and the corruption and imbalance of banks, governments and big business. And people will continue to do this as more wake up and start unconsciously ascending with Earth.

As the future generations of children come in at higher and higher vibrationary rates they will be very different to the children of the past who sit in front of the TV and play with their toy guns. Parents take note - these ascending children are the leaders of the future and they will teach YOU. Don't try and mold them to repeat the same kind of patterns that we are leaving behind. Don't fill them full of drugs thinking there's somthing wrong with them because they won't conform. Allow them their creativity, take them into nature. Encourage their love and respect the Earth, all kingdoms and each other. They are free spirits.

Can you imagine what a changed world we could have in one or two generations?


So Earth will continue to rise in vibration along with all the other kingdoms. How hard this change is for humanity depends on our ability to understand, adapt and go with the flow. In order to make a new world and new way of living and relating to each other, many of the old institutions and ways of doing things will die, along with the people unable to change.

We cannot have a new world with the same old people in it. One can see that the ideals of the sixties, communism or communes ultimately failed as the old patterns of greed, corruption and politics crept in. It is as the old patterns are left behind that people can co-exist in peace.

As people rise in vibration they start to balance out the polarity that is a part of their makeup. Things that once seemed black and white, good and bad, right or wrong, start to become shades of grey. Questions are asked. Information is sought. For a while they may swing in the other direction but they will ultimately come to balance as they continue to go up in vibration with Earth. This means that those with extreme polarisation, extreme views and actions who cannot ascend are the ones that will be left behind and ultimately die out. The ascending ones shall keep pace with Earth and have ascending children that will carry on where they left off.

It is in the balancing of the extremes into unity in all aspects of one's life comes into balance both within and as expressed in the life around them. This is not a forced thing - it comes naturally to those who are ascending, along with an increase in consciousness.

Can you imagine living in a society where people honoured each other, employed conscious farming techniques that honoured the land and the animals without poisons and toxins, where people lived in abundance without feeling the need to hoard or leave others hungry? This will eventually come naturally to ascending people without the need for lots of rules or politics, man-made laws or old style governments. Not everyone may wish to live on the land, but small businesses and personal service could return, non polluting vehicles could be made, small banks that look after customers could be started. All these could be done in honour and in intending equal balance between giving and receiving (abundance).

People have dreamed about these possibilities for years but without the vibrational changes now available they had been kept in place by the old patterns and the old system. Not any more! Those perpetuating the old system will keep trying to keep it in place but it can't last...

Earth has a dream for her own future which will override humanities' dreams. As a fully conscious being Earth is manifesting this even now. Within a few short years the dream Earth is manifesting will step into the physical. If your dreams for your future dovetail where Earth is going and support her there will be support for you. If you are trying to perpetuate the old patterns they will fail. The soulless corporations will crumble. Those banks that perpetuate poverty will crumble. Those who perpetuate war will be toppled. These dreams do not support ascension and the unity and honour of others or Earth.

So do not be in fear as all the changes start happening. Concentrate and try to tune into the new world that is forming and moving it's way down into the physical as the old one is crumbling. Don't dwell on the chaos of the old one. Go within and feel where you need to be - what you should be doing. Is your life fulfilling? Do you feel like you're doing what you came here to do? Then do something about it. What you dream and think about today is your own future that is moving into the physical. Let's make it a good one by saying "I intend to ascend!"

Remember - - - 'STRESSED' spelt backwards! is 'DESSERTS'
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What Is Ascension?
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