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 Some Signs To Read

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The Minor Lines
The Minor Lines are the lesser known lines that may not appear on all hands. These lines are fascinating as they add more information than can be gleaned by just examining the Major Lines.

Rings on Fingers
Wearing a ring on the index finger shows that you want to be the boss.
Wearing a ring on the middle finger shows that you are constantly concerned with issues of security.

On the ring finger, a ring shows an interest in matters of the heart.

On the little finger, a ring reveals an interest in communicating and business.

A ring worn on the thumb shows a wish to control situations, often through passive aggression.

Crossing your hands
Which thumb ends up on top when you cross your hands? If the right thumb ends up on top, you are more analytical and logical than creative. You prefer to plan than to go with flow. The left side of your brain dominates.

If the left thumb remains on top, you are the creative type who doesn't get fazed by having to act on the spur of the moment. The right side of your brain dominates.

The little finger.
Does your little finger have a distinct curve towards your ring finger?
If it does, you are a very crafty bugger. I hope you use it for good not evil.

Does your little finger curve away from the hand?
You are not afraid of experimentation or a little kinkiness. What a daredevil!

When you hold your hand loosely on the table or your lap with the palm facing upwards, does your little finger curl inwards?
If it does, you are hiding a secret. Probably a biggie too.

Do you have a very short little finger that twists sharply towards your ring finger?
You find lots of trouble forming and maintaining relationships. Start by being honest with both yourself and others.
Does your little finger stick out away from your hand when you splay your hand?
You have a strong need for independence. You often have trouble getting on smoothly with other people. You need to learn to be less exacting.

Is your little finger extremely thick?
You have to have the last word, don't you! You feel you have to win every argument. (I can hear you arguing with me right now!)

Most people have white spots on some or all of their fingernails. A large amount of white or grey specks indicates periods of stress and fatigue and a possible imbalance of zinc in the system.
Single spots also have specific meanings depending on which fingernail they appear on and their position on the nail.
The base of the nail is the future, the middle of the nail is the present and the top of the nail is the past.
Appearing on the thumb, a white speck foreshadows a present or gift.
A white spot on the index finger reveals the influence of a good friend.
A spot on the middle finger reveals the actions of an enemy.
A spot on the ring finger indicates a new lover or marriage.
A spot appearing on the little finger shows a journey or short trip.
A blue spot on the nail predicts misfortune.

Remember - - - 'STRESSED' spelt backwards! is 'DESSERTS'
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Some Signs To Read
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