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PostSubject: Focus on Pink   Focus on Pink Icon_minitimeSun Jul 12, 2009 8:00 pm

Pink is sugar and spice and all things nice, but has it always been this way? This colour of affection has a bitter past.
Pink is the colour of joy. It's considered a gentle colour: deeper shades represent gratitude and appreciation and when lighter is signifies admiration and sympathy. It serves two, polar purposes: it represents childish innocence, but it also signifies flirtation and the potential to lose one's purity.
For such a popular shade it's amazing that pink isn't part of all the colours of the rainbow. This is because it is considered to be a mixture of red, white and blue in the RGB (red, green and blue) spectrum and its wavelength falls between 400 to 700nm; to be more precise, it really doesn't have a wavelength of its own.

The gender politics of pink have a convoluted history. Initially pink, not powder blue, was considered the traditional colour for baby boys as it was a toned-down version of the fiercer red. While this was not a culturally universal colour code, things reversed dramatically in the 20th century.

In Nazi Germany, pink triangle patches were used to identify and imprison gay men. For decades after WWII, homosexuality remained illegal worldwide and pink was not considered a 'manly' colour. Today the pink triangle has been reclaimed and redefined as a positive symbol of the gay community and, along with the rainbow, it represents a culture of inclusiveness, not persecution.

The colour pink is closely aligned with how you relate to others. For example, if you want to feel supported by universal love you should wear more pink clothes, but if you are feeling overwhelmed and fenced in then you should avoid this colout at all costs. Pink will help your HEART CHAKRA experience unconditional love; it also relates to your BASE CHAKRA and your reproductive organs. This love is not just for others but also in how you love yourslf, with total acceptance and without egotism.

The Taj Mahal is the greatest monument to love in the world; its pink AURA confirms this emotion.

Emotional associations:
Pink is a romantic and tender colour that softens the most hardened heart.
Pink is often used in weight-loss therapy as it works as an appetite suppressant, and at the same time relieves tension and relaxes the muscles.
Rooms painted pink have been found to have a tranquilising effect and reduce the incidences of aggression in prisons.
Pink is a cool colour associated with innocence and genuine friendship.
PINK EMOTIONS: love, thankfulness, compassion, tenderness, joy, happiness, romance.

Symbolic associations:
Pink is a soft colour and widely associated with newborns, but there are many other things that are pink.
Think of the old saying 'pink as a newborn babe'.
There are five species of flamingos worldwide, six including the plastic lawn ornament variety popular in the USA.
Only 0.1 per cent of diamonds are classified pink and they are the most valuable in the world.
Pink champagne requires pressed red grapes to produce it.
PINK SYMBOLS: partnership, beauty, friendship, Venus, Friday, babies, flamingos.

What's the alternative......
Pink has both the fire and air elements and is a very useful colour to use in crystal therapy when treating such conditions as anger, fear, anxiety and frustration.
Love rituals are often conducted with pink candles and crystals, such as rose quartz and morganite.
In Feng Shui, pink is the colour of south-west and it represents marriage and partnership. Pink is also a good colour for your bedroom and you can use it in your sheets or decorative accessories.
Pink colour therapy is believed to be effective against heart conditions, hip joint inflammation and unpleasant period pains.

Does anyone have any PINK posts?

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Focus on Pink
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