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 Focus on Red

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PostSubject: Focus on Red   Focus on Red Icon_minitimeSun Jul 12, 2009 6:54 pm

Red is the colour of passion and intensity. It conjures feelings of excitement and danger.
The colour of love and war, red energises you with strength and desire. Red is visible at 650nm and is the longest wavelength of the primary, visible colours. In nature red is a warning, from an angry baboon's bottom to fresh blood it shows that you have entered an arena of aggression; why else would toreadors wave a symbolically red cape to enrage colour-blind bulls? Red's cultural significance is a bit more forgiving as it generally represents good luck: in China it is seen at celebrations from funerals to weddings, in India it is the colour of purity, in America it represents love with a dash of danger!

Red is associated with the BASE CHAKRA, Muladhara, which grounds you to the physical reality of your life. When this Chakra is balanced you are caring, focused, self-confident, strong and happy. If your Base Chakra is blocked, you can use red to add stability and energy to your life, but if you are too open you'll need to avoid this colour as it could really heat things up!
It is interesting to note that when this Chakra is unbalanced you can become sexually predatory or frigid, manipulative or guilt-ridden.
A red AURA can indicate aggression, nervousness or excitement.
If you need to intensify your motivation, or enjoy creating drama, wear red. People who wear this colour are energised and attract attention to themselves.
However, if you suffer from high blood pressure, avoid wearing red.

Emotional associations:
Red is associated with emotional outbursts.
As a stimulant, its mere perception can enhance human metabolism by a stellar 13.4 per cent - a good thing once your appetite has been piqued!
Advertisers use red to elicit erotic feelings.
Red has good and bad connotations. Red letter days, the red carpet and painting the town red are great, but a red flag, a red herring or even being in the red are terrible!
RED EMOTIONS: Excitement, aggression, passion, love, anger, lust, desire.

Symbolic associations:
Red is the favourite colour of children and represents adventure and coming of age as seen with Little Red Riding Hood's cape and Dorothy's ruby slippers in the film The Wizard of Oz.
Red is associated with the Bolsheviks who used it in their flags when they overthrew the Russian Tsar and has since been the colour of communism. It's popluar in flags because of its visibility. Some examples are the red circle on the Japanese flag and on the English St George's Cross.
Red is recognised as the colour of both Cupid and the Devil.
RED SYMBOLS: Hearts, roses, Mars, fire, chilli peppers, cherries, traffic lights, hell, ladybirds.

What's the alternative.....
If you paint one of the rooms in your home red, make sure it is intended to be a venue for heated exchanges and watch the sparks fly!
Red crystals will help you motivate yourself for positive change and channel powerful feeling and emotions, such as lust, anger and passion.
In Feng Shui, fiery red is associated with the heat of summer and the south. Its Chi qualities are inspiration, activity and strength and will help energise wherever you employ it.
The I Ching trigram Chen represents arousal and thunder; its animal is the dragon and its colour red.

Does anyone have anything RED to share?

To the believer, no proof is necessary - to the skeptic, no proof is enough!
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Focus on Red
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