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 Crystal Children

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PostSubject: Crystal Children   Crystal Children Icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2009 2:29 pm

The Crystal Children began to appear on the planet from about 2000, although some date them slightly earlier. These are extremely powerful children, whose main purpose is to take us to the next level in our evolution, and reveal to us our inner power and divinity. They function as a group consciousness rather than as individuals, and they live by the" Law of One" or Unity Consciousness. They are a powerful force for love and peace on the planet.

The Crystal Children will be more consciously aware of their direct contact to the divine. They will provide insight into our innate potential abilities and operate from a viewpoint of group consciousness. As they grow, the idea of ‘competition’ will seem strange. They will bring much love and unity to the people of Earth and radiate this in their beingness for others to see. The Crystal Children, who are born in the new millennium, will be attentive of their mission to bring a higher consciousness to the world. By the time they are young adults they will be at the forefront of shaping the new earth with their teachings and healing abilities; having benefited from the authority on Earth of the Indigos before them.

Characteristics of the Crystal Child

* Usually born in 1995 or later
* Possess large eyes with an intense stare
* Have magnetic personalities
* Are highly affectionate
* Start talking late in childhood
* Are very musically oriented, and may sing before talking
* Use telepathy and self-invented sign language to communicate
* May be diagnosed with Autism or Asperger's syndrome
* Are even-tempered, sweet, and loving
* Are forgiving of others
* Are highly sensitive and empathetic
* Are very much connected to nature and animals
* Exhibit healing abilities
* Are quite interested in crystals and rocks
* Often discuss angels, spirit guides, and past life memories
* Are extremely artistic and creative
* Prefer vegetarian meals and juices to "regular food"
* May be fearless explorers and climbers, with an amazing sense of balance

The Power of Crystal Kids
Imagine that you have just discovered that your two year old son can move things with his mind. How will you explain that to the neighbors? Envision what it will be like the first time that you take your little girl out in public and she begins to read the thoughts of the person sitting next to you in the restaurant. Much like the Indigo children that have preceded them, Crystal children have a very thin veil. It will be very common to have a Crystal child walk up to you and say: “Mommy, do you remember when I was your grandfather?” Additionally, Crystals have inter-dimensional abilities that enable them to cross the lines between alternate realities

Crystal Challenges
Being Crystal also means having tremendous sensitivity to all things. This may be difficult at first, yet, in time the Crystal kids will learn to deal with the lower vibrational energies to which we have become accustomed. They also have physical challenges that have already begun to surface. Having loose ethereal bodies to enable inter-dimensional abilities, these children are vulnerable to influences that push them out of their body. This may appear as autism in the first Crystal children.

Remember - - - 'STRESSED' spelt backwards! is 'DESSERTS'
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Crystal Children
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