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 stealing a life

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PostSubject: stealing a life   stealing a life Icon_minitimeWed Oct 10, 2012 9:40 am

For 20 years I have been the Victim from what I perceive as a group of people (but maybe not human) who have stripped my liberty, insist that I live in pain for their benefit, and make every attempt cut me off from society.
They enforce these things by using supernatural means. At first, I was told I had to give everything I owned. I finally said I would comply. When I said this, they seems to take about a day to make a decision. I did not get any kind answer.
I was told, I was not allowed to work. I asked how I would survive. They said that they did not care. When, I tried to work, they made me suffer, by super natural means. My arms would convulse violently, as I attempted to work. They would cause me to lapse into temporary sleep. When all else failed to stop me, they would cause me to have violent stomach pains. I of course wanted out of this hell. I thought moving to another country could help. It, did but, not as much as I hoped. When, I first moved people, I became aware that everyone could read my mind. Being a person who treasures my privacy, this was a nightmare. I reasoned, although I had a poor excuse of a life, it was better than I had before I moved to this new country. After a while, I started loosing the support of everyone around me. No one would protect me or support me.
If feel that I am a victim, if their ever was such a thing. I feel that I have done my best to respect liberty and dignity of anyone I met. I don't believe, I did anything that would make me deserve this.
Pushed to edge by suffering, I still refrained from doing anything wrong. If you see a cripple in the street being kicked, you should help them.
I feel like such a victim, but I get no such support, understanding, or protection. I am NOT a thief, assassin, or evil, but I am treated no better, an maybe worse.
I feel that Society has washed their hands of any responsibility towards me, abandoned me, and left me with no protection or defense from the supernatural evil, and I have no chance. I now have no hope and I think the only way out of this hell, is to take my life.

If feel powerless, and I am seeking help, information, and someone whom I can speak with.
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stealing a life
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