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PostSubject: Depossession   Depossession Icon_minitimeSat Oct 09, 2010 11:20 am

Depossession is the act of exorcising attached discarnate human spirits and nonhuman spirits attached to living people, causing a host of physical, mental and emotional ills.

These spirits upset the human hosts life by creating problems such as unexplained mood swings and behavior, chronic pains and illnesses, mental illness, suicidal urges, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Most spirits are believed to be deceased humans who have not left the earth plane, and are said to attach themselves to a member of their family, or seek out an individual who is easily weakened by substance abuse, hostility, or severe illness.

Non-human spirits include elementals and evil natured entities.

Psychic depossession is usually accomplished by merely asking the spirit to depart from the body, and patients usually say the feel lighter and better though this may be due to the expectations of relief.

In accordance with Fiore’s theory, many possessions are of a karmic nature, caused by karmic possessions in past lives on the part of the patients.

Some therapists say that a recall of the past life experiences shows concern not for the patients but more for the spirit itself.

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