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 What did you do today?

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PostSubject: Re: What did you do today?   Wed Aug 11, 2010 4:09 pm

today...lets see...

mum bought subway for brekkie, watched a movie then showered and went out to do what i had to do. picked up my copy of Adobe Creative Suite 5 that i ordered from dick smith and finally arrived this morning. got home and opened it only to discover that i cant use it because its a student/teacher edition and you need proof that you're a current student to be able to license it. which, not being a student, meant it was useless to me. got upset, told my mother, so she rang the store. they hadn't know that either, so they were really good and refunded me (even though their store policy says they wont refund opened software). so now i'm disappointed but no longer upset.
now i'm killing time until 7pm when its time to go pick my dad up from the airport. might bake my banana cake....
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PostSubject: Re: What did you do today?   Wed Aug 11, 2010 5:39 pm

Getting my working hours organised. Have spent the past 2 weeks in a bit of a frenzy but I think things will begin to settle down soon. Not getting a lot of sleep and feel very tired all the time but that will work itself soon too.

To the believer, no proof is necessary - to the skeptic, no proof is enough!
You can't die for the life of you - Gordon Smith
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What did you do today?
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