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 Lunar Gardening

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PostSubject: Lunar Gardening   Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:13 pm

Many gardeners believe that planting during specific phases of the moon brings good results. Plants gain energy for growth from the sun, but they are also affected by the moon's changing phases. The moon controls tides, influences the groundwater tables beneath the earth and affects the movement of fluids within plants.

New moon - farmers and gardeners should prepare to sow seeds now. During the first quarter of the waxing moon phase the moisture level in the soil is at it's highest, so this is when you should plant seeds, repot plants, sow lawns. This brings rapid germination and growth.

Full moon - farmers should transplant now, when the lunar flowering force is strong. The moisture content becomes low during the waning moon phase and less sap is rising in the trees and shrubs, so it's a good time to do your pruning and attack weeds.
According to lunar planting folklore root plants should go into the ground during a waning moon. It is also the best time to turn over soil.

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Lunar Gardening
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