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 Reading a Flower

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PostSubject: Reading a Flower   Reading a Flower Icon_minitimeFri Sep 04, 2009 8:34 am

When flower reading it is important to pick the flower yourself. No one else is to touch that flower, only a Medium can if you are going to a Medium for a reading. Otherwise only you must touch that flower so only yourself is on the flower.

Roses, Irises and carnation are associated with emotions.

STALK: deals with life path, with childhood at the base. You may find marks or discolorations indicating important changes. Smooth bright patches indicating periods of stability.

Take the first third of the flower as the past.
The middle third of the flower as the present.
Top third of the flower as the next ten years.
Run your fingers over each section pausing at any knots.

Leaves, stalks where smaller separate flowers, branch of main stem; Can be seen as present external factors influencing future paths. -for example, friends, family, work, friendships or love affairs.

BUDS:Plans in material matters have not yet come to fruition.
MANY LEAVES: Suggest commitments, friends and family.
HOLES IN LEAVES:Indicate partings that have occurred that are still painful.
A SOLITARY BLOOM: Indicates a person alone either by choice or through necessity.
DISCOLORATION ON STALKS AND LEAVES:Suggests conflicting interests, choices, even opposition.
{A Medium would pause to find out where the blockages may be and how it can be removed.}

FLOWER RISES HIGH ABOVE LEAVES AND OTHER BUDS:The person maybe ambitious and independent.
IF IMMERSED IN FOLIAGE THEN:Happiness is found through others and through working in caring professions.
FLOWER ITSELF: Indicates the person characteristics both in world and dreams.


BLOOM IS TALL AND STATELY: This denotes a love of travel and restlessness.

A SMALL AND MULTI-PETALLED FLOWER:Reflects a love of the familiar and of home. Symmetrical imply a sense of order, profuse, a lover of luxury, oval, a degree of self-containment.

LARGE ROUNDED PETALS: A natural giver, or, with bells on flower, a keeper of secrets.
TINY SINGLE FLOWERS:Often means that the inner world and personal happiness are more important than material success.
MAIN FLOWER IS BUDDING: Then it is not yet time for dreams to be fulfilled.
HALF-CLOSED: Suggests hesitance and a lack of confidence.
OPEN:Means affectionate and generous.
FULL-BLOOM:Indicates Wisdom.
FADING BLOOM:That present life is clouded with regrets.


RED: Indicates passion and also anger.
YELLOW: A desire to be loved and natural optimism.
BLUE: A logical but just person.
WHITE: Unworldly and easily hurt.
PINK: Gentle and conciliatory.
PURPLE: Mysterious and secretive depths.
BROWN: Materialistic or practical.
ORANGE: Confident and independent.
MORE THAN ONE COLOUR: Indicates versatility but also changeability.

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PostSubject: Re: Reading a Flower   Reading a Flower Icon_minitimeTue Jan 18, 2011 4:28 am

How did i miss this ????

umm interesting

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Reading a Flower
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