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 The Mounts

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PostSubject: The Mounts   Sat Aug 15, 2009 4:15 pm

The mounts refer to the fleshy lumps that appear on your hand, the high spots or "mountains" on the plane of the hand. The most prominent ones are roughly at the base of each finger and thumb. These are named after the finger or other feature which they are nearest. In general, the larger the mount the stronger the characteristic in the person. There is a special meaning if the mount is not exactly under the proper finger, but that's more specific than will be discussed here.

Jupiter (under index finger) - religion, pride, respect
Saturn (under 2nd finger) - morbidness, sadness, interpersonal relationships.
Sun (under ring finger) - artistic talent
Mercury (under pinky finger) - inventiveness
Upper Mars (directly under the Mount of Mercury) - courage
Moon (directly under Upper Mars, large) - imagination
Venus (under thumb, across from Moon) - love
Lower Mars (above Venus, across from Upper Mars) - indifference

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The Mounts
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