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 Ceremony To Hang Dream Catcher

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Ceremony For Hanging Your Dream Catcher

Following, is a suggested ritual for initiating your dream catcher. You can follow this ceremony, or create your own.

Remember, ritual is important, for it triggers your subconscious mind into action. In this way the dream catcher becomes an extension of yourself and does what you want it to do.

Before hanging your dream catcher, go through your house and carefully and thoughtfully decide within what room you wish to hang your dream catcher. After you decide what room, carefully choose where you want it to hang.

Do you want it by a window where it will catch the rays of light?

Do you want it over a television set where it may act as a filtering system, catching any negative vibrations that can steal in and rob your family of peace and calm, allowing only what is worthy of being remembered to pass through the hole in the center?

Or do you want it over your baby's crib so that while the innocent one sleeps its mind will be blessed with joy and peace?

When you have decided where you want the dream catcher to hang, the next step is very important.



Smudging is a form of cleansing a room, an object, a physical body or place, of negative energy. You will need some sage to smudge your house, which you can gather from the hills or purchase in a metaphysical store.

When you get ready to hang your dream catcher, follow this procedure:

Lift the smoke upward, saying:

Stand in the center of the room and light the sage. When it has ignited and burned for a few moments, gently shake it over a shell or fireproof container like an ashtray to extinguish the flame so it will only smoke. Begin by purifying yourself with the smoke. Move the smoking sage around the perimeter of your body, paying particular attention to any area of your body which is not in balance, or which is manifesting any sign of ill health or pain. Then offer the smoke to the six directions.

1. To the Creator, the Never-ending Force that is all, I thank you.

2. Extend the smoke downward, saying: "To Mother Earth, the place of nurturing and hope, I thank you.

3. Facing the north, lift the smoke upward, saying: To the Spirit of the North, the place of winter and intuitive understanding, of healing, and the place of beginnings and endings, I thank you.

4. Facing the East, lift the smoke in that direction, saying: To the Spirit of the East, where the sun rises, the place of new beginnings and the promise of Spring, I thank you.

5. Facing the South, extend the smoke in that direction, saying:

To the Spirit of the South, the place of summer and rapid growth, the place of our heart and emotions, and the place where we learn survival and endurance and develop a trust in life, I thank you.

6. Facing the West, lift the smoke, saying: To the Spirit of the West, where the sun sets and we find healing and self knowledge that gives us the power to use our head and our hearts to serve and to teach, I thank you.

Next, smudge the dream catcher.

When you smudge the dream catcher, slowly move the sage around the perimeter of the object, beginning at the front and covering the dream catcher thoroughly with smoke.

Then walk slowly around the edge of the room in a clockwise direction, allowing the smoke to be drawn thoroughly around the edge of the room.

As you do this ritual, allow yourself to experience the cleansing, healing power of the smoke.

Become aware of the higher power of the Universe called by many names:
Great Spirit,

Heavenly Father,



the Ascendant,

All That Is,

and allow yourself to feel the presence of the Power within you.

At this point, face the dream catcher, and speak out loud to it and tell the dream catcher what you want it to do. Speak to the object as a friend, for it is your friend, an aspect of yourself.
Close by thanking it for the goodness it will perform.

You can use this ceremony for cleansing your house, your car, your Self, or any thing or place you feel has collected negative energy. Simply remove the phrases pertaining to the dream catcher.

Joy and light to you, and good dreams.

Remember - - - 'STRESSED' spelt backwards! is 'DESSERTS'
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Ceremony To Hang Dream Catcher
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