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 May 2009 Newsletter

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PostSubject: May 2009 Newsletter   May 2009 Newsletter Icon_minitimeSat Aug 01, 2009 8:09 am

Message sent to you follows:

Hi to all our members and welcome to our very first newsletter for Spirit Matters.
Our forum is becomming very exciting now with the categories expanding and more information and discussions being added all the time. We only have 9 members so far but I am sure this will increase as time goes on as long as we can keep the forum fresh with new items being added all the time.

I would like to officially welcome Suziesheree as co-administrator. Suzie is doing a fantastic job with the forum so well done Suzie!!
If you need any help or advise with the forum please have no hesitation to private message myself or Suzie who are only too happy to help.

I know that sometimes the forum takes a little while to load and this gets a bit frustrating. Suzie and I have both experienced this, but please have patience, go make yourself a cuppa or something while it is loading. I think it could have something to do with forumotion, not with the forum itself because at other times it is quite quick. I put it down to perhaps, the amount of people who are using forumotion at the time, it could be a bandwith problem.
Another thing you can try is to close down and restart your computer. This may help "refresh" your modem.

This week a Portal has been added to the forum. This portal holds a selection of posts, a list of the last 9 posts, a list of who is online etc.
I have also added a "What's New? thread in the Welcome section which you can find on the home page. Please check this regularly as it will be updated as more categories are added or changes made.

We are in need of a "recruiting drive" and I would like to pose a challenge for each one of our members to introduce one other member to our spirit family. If we can do that, we will surely thrive.

So until next time, stay safe, be well and take care.

Sadie & Suzie

Remember - - - 'STRESSED' spelt backwards! is 'DESSERTS'
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May 2009 Newsletter
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