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 The Awakening time crystal

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PostSubject: The Awakening time crystal   Wed Jul 15, 2009 5:34 am

One day my office at our Centre, I picked up a small quartz crystal that a friend had given to me during one of my visits to the Rock and Gem Shop in Edmonton, Alberta. About one and a half inches in length, it had a clump of smaller crystals at each end, and reminded me of a legless miniature French poodle. As I held it in my hand, I mentioned to James that I could feel an odd sensation inside my left ear, like a gentle tickling.

Without a word, James steered me quickly towards The Chair in his office; his sixth sense was already at work as he recognized a cue. ‘Knowing’ something important was about to take place, he quickly clipped a lapel microphone onto my jacket.

What good insight that he had such a presence of mind to ask, “Now you’ve acknowledged the sensation, what would it like to say?”
I felt compelled to reply, “I have much to tell you, due to circumstances that have brought us together, and you have much to hear,” then, without pausing for breath, the following words of poetry just poured out of my mouth:

The Awakening time

“The time is now to listen, for I have a tale to tell
And as you hear the words from me, you will recount them well.
The words are just a stepping-stone, to bring the paths to now
The memories of long ago, the promise and the vow.

A time was set for us to meet, and here it’s come to pass
‘Tis time to work together, the memories to amass.
‘Tis time for wealth and fortune, the spiritual kind
The secrets of the Universe at last here to unwind.

And as you listen closely, I’ll help you understand
I’ll take you to each universe, each foreign and like land
I’ll take you further inward, to the depths within the sky
For deep within each being, the universe doth lie.

The nature of the knowing, is simple still indeed
‘Tis time to reawaken, to bring out the new seed
For each is sown within them, to nurture true and fast
‘Tis time to be reborn again, the pure Iconoclast...”

James asked what the poem meant, and I heard my response: “It is to do with religious persecution. I am underground and I see hundreds of skulls stacked one upon another right up to the ceiling. People were being sought out and put to death. I can see a dim image of a man holding what looks like a parchment document. Someone in authority had a list of names of wanted people.
“There was a whole underground movement. The only way to survive was to live underground. And as each person died, the skulls were placed on top of those of others who died. I’m not sure if it was a mark of respect or for enumeration. The bodies had to be taken apart. It was a horrible thing that they had to do, but there was no other way the others would have survived. There was a pit underneath the ground where the bodies were disposed of after death, after the heads were removed and stacked.
“Everyone was known to everyone else,” I continued. “It was as if they were a family, an incredibly big family of believers. There was a vow taken that we would all meet again in another time...because we knew we were right in our beliefs...and we knew we would be back together again, to declare our beliefs once more."

There was much more of what had happened but it is too lengthy to include here; however the rest of the story is in my book 'The Awakening Time'

Honestly I'm not trying to 'sell, just share.

Love and Light
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PostSubject: Re: The Awakening time crystal   Tue Aug 11, 2009 8:48 am

Wow! I must say you have me intrigued. I wonder if it relates to 'now' as well? love and light, Cindy
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The Awakening time crystal
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