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 John Edwards

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PostSubject: John Edwards   Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:57 am

I can't recall ever seeing him before now, but through the powers of sky tv have seen him a couple of times.

He has been doing a show in america , probably old show now ,but i was impressed with him . he is very good and i also liked the fact that he does a follow up to whoever he read for on the actual show.

He admits when audience member gives him a name and then uses the name , as he says he dosn't take credit if the reciever inadvertly gives out info without realizing they have.

The last show i saw was where John told a bloke that he carries a photo with him when he travels , the bloke insisted he didn't there was a bit of barting going on between them , In the end john said I'M telling you you do. The bloke finally realized yes he does but it is in a ciggie box in the car🤷 and never the box never leaves the car.

must try to catch him again .it's on at awkward time 8.30am sundays

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PostSubject: Re: John Edwards   Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:25 am

wow Misty, you didn't ever catch him when you were in UK?
I was lucky enough on his first visit to Oz to go see him live, he is very good (not too bad to watch either )

I love it when he argues like that with people, I've never seen him be wrong when he does it! We don't have nay shows of his on atm, can't wait for "psychic saturdays" to come back! We had Ghost adventures, john, lisa williams and then most haunted! Was a great way to spend saturday nights

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John Edwards
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