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 Psychic Terms T

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PostSubject: Psychic Terms T   Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:53 pm


Talismans An object, design, or symbol believed to be endowed with magical powers. Lucky Charms

Tarot Reading A person with an understanding of the archetypal meanings of Tarot Cards uses that knowledge to translate randomly chosen Tarot cards in a prophetic way. See also Psychic Tarot Reader

Tasseography, Tasseomancy Means Cup Divination. Reading tea leaves or coffee grains that remain in a cup once the beverage has been consumed.

Telekinesis The ability to move objects with your mind.

Telepathy Word origin means distant-feeling. Using extra sensory perception for communication between minds over distance or though any barrier obstructing recognition from normal sight, speech or reading body language.

Tephramancy Ashes from a burned sacrificial victim examined for omens.

Transfiguration A spirit superimposes its face on the medium's face, and those in the room can see the visible characteristics of a deceased person's face

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Psychic Terms T
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