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 Psychic Terms P

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Parapsychology The interdisciplinary field for the study of all forms of extra sensory phenomena.

Palmistry, Palm Reading or Cheirology Divination from the lines on and the structures of people's hands.

Past Life Regression A process of hypnosis or meditative visualization for reliving or discovering previous experiences of one's previous lives.

Pendulum A crystal or other heavy bob on a chain or string is used to dangle over words, letters or a yes/no while a question is posed.

Pet Psychics Many psychics will use the psychic ability of animals to communicate on animal welfare.

Phrenology Victorian practice to determine character, personality traits, and possible criminality by reading bumps on and the shape of the head.

Precognition Knowledge or awareness of the future, obtained through extra sensory perceptions - ESP.

Psychic Healing is an ability to sense illness in a person and heal them, normally while in a trance.

Psychic Medium A person with extra sensory perception who acts as a channel or conduit in communication with guides, angels, spirits or those that have passed on.

Psychic Tarot Reader A person with extra sensory perception who uses the imagery from Tarot cards to gain knowledge or awareness of past, present and future events.

Psychography Automatic writing technique producing information by means of extra sensory perceptions of spiritual dimensions.

Psychometry Psychic sense of touch. A Psychometrist will obtain intuitive impressions and information by holding or otherwise connecting with an object or person.

Pyrokenisis is the ability to start and control fires with the mind.

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Psychic Terms P
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